The World of React + React Native State 🌍

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When i first learned about State, it is so friendly and simply just “data that is going to change + mutating it triggers a component rendering”. That’s what people told me.

After years working with it, i started perceiving the gap in my knowledge. The State I used to know, comes with more concepts & related concerns that i only realized after hitting hardship & lots of researching effort. Hardly had i found a post covering them all. So in this blog post, let’s break it down !

Table of contents:

  • You probably don’t need State?: Decide when to use State wisely. …

Careful with props references when writing optimizations

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React is great and fast most of the time. But sometimes, due to heavy calculations, it slows down, that’s when we need to measure and optimize our Components to avoid “wasted renders”.

Optimizations come with its cost, if it’s not done properly, the situation might get worse. In today’s blog post, we get to know the rendering process, learn the cause of wasted renders, solutions & how it’s broken.

Table of contents

  • Standard Render Behavior: The cause of wasted renders in Render Phase
  • Improving Rendering Performance: Some techniques
  • How New Props References break Optimizations: The detail of the…


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